Teacher Development Forum

2021 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Productivity & Sustainability

This forum is a workshop for teachers of any courses, raising the theme of Promoting Literacy in All Content Areas in School. It offers talks from experts and professionals in literacy education on developing students’ literacy across the curriculum and better preparing them for higher education. The forum is open to teachers of all grade levels who seek to include literacy instruction in their classrooms.

"Promoting Literacy in All Content Areas in School"


Who should participate?

This forum welcomes the attendance of junior and senior high school educators across disciplines/subject.

Invited Speakers

Kristine Gritter, Ph.D.

Professor of Curriculum & Instruction, Chair of M.Ed. Literacy
Seattle Pacific University, U.S.A.

Dr. Itje Chodidjah, M.A.

Independent Teacher Educator, Education
Consultant and Practitioner

Sofie Dewayani, Ph.D.

Head of School Literacy Movement Taskforce

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