Student Research

2021 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Productivity & Sustainability

The sub-theme raised in this track is Current Issues in Research, Community Engagement, Learning, and the Workplace (CIRCLE). The track features multidisciplinary reports and evaluations of students’ projects in their research, community outreach, internship, and research.

Who should participate?

This track welcomes high school and undergraduate students of multi-disciplines.

Topics of interest for submissions of abstracts* or full papers**

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM),
  • Behavioral Sciences and Language Studies,
  • Economics and Business,
  • Medicine and Health Sciences

Students interested in participating are required to submit their abstracts and a short presentation in English. The abstract should be between 250-300 words long.

Their presentation format may be using Powerpoint or Prezi or Powtoon or Canva or a simple mind map (other than those recommended are welcome). The short presentation should be no longer than 3 minutes, in which the audience can see the presenter (close-up, wearing formal attire) and the presentation material at the same time. A video example can be seen here. The video must be clear to see and have clear audio to listen to.

The accepted full paper will also be reviewed in TurnItIn, and must fulfil the 20-40% similarity. There will be awards for best scientific paper, white paper, poster and presenter.

Invited Speakers

Iim Fahima Jahja

Founder and CEO of Queenrides Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum

Felicitas Biwer

PhD researcher
School of Health Professions Education
Maastricht University, Netherlands

Marco Widjojo

CEO and Co-founder of SALT, SALT Academy, Zerotrust
Executive Partner of Insignia

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