Medicine and Health Sciences

2021 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Productivity & Sustainability

This conference track raises the sub-theme of Trends and Approaches in Health Professions Education and Research (TAHPER). It features research and practices to promote the teaching and learning of health professions students. The sub-themes include developing excellence in science, clinical care, education, and community engagement for social good (Roberts, 2020). It may also cover educational interventions to prepare medical and health services trainees to fulfill their obligations during their training and future practices. The general topic concerns the disruptor or opportunities for health professions education (HPE) following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Who should participate?

This track welcomes presentations and attendance of researchers, scientists, scholars, educators, administrators, consultants, policymakers, and professionals in Medicine and Health Sciences.

Topics of interest for submissions of abstracts* or full papers**

  1. Faculty Development:
    • Health Professions Educator Resilience and Adaptability toward Change
  2. Leadership in HPE
    • Leadership Models and Change Management
  3. Curriculum
    • Quality and Safety in Education, Telehealth, Telemedicine
  4. Teaching and Learning
    • Revisiting Learning Theories and Its Relevance in Current Instructional Modalities
  5. Assessment
    • Modalities of Online Assessment, Impacts on Graduates Impacts

Invited Speakers

Saraiorn Thonginnetra, M.D., MSc., MMEd.

Chulabhorn Royal Academy, Thailand

"Transition and Adaptation to COVID-19: What Help Faculty and Students"

Koh Hui Hiang, M.Ed., Ph.D.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore

"On- & Off-line during Covid 19 Pandemic"


L. W. (2020). High road, low Road: Professionalism, trust, and medical education. Academic Medicine, 95(6), 817–818.

Qiang, Z. (2003). Internationalization of higher education: Towards a conceptual framework. Policy Futures in Education, 1(2), 248–270.

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