Economics and Business

2021 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Productivity & Sustainability

This conference track raises the sub-theme of Trends and Approaches in Management and Accounting Education and Research (TAMA). Among the issues raised encompasses various topics of management education, accounting education, finance education, marketing education, and other business-related education areas (Arbaugh et al., 2016). This sub-conference offers an outlet for researchers whose secondary research interests are in business and management education. While the focus will be on educational issues within business schools, it also accepts presentations highlighting recent research and practices that promote the development of theories and practices in business disciplines.

Topics of interest for submissions of abstracts* or full papers**

  • Linking Education, Research, Industry, and Government
  • Business Education Innovations
  • Social Innovation and Sustainable Business
  • Strategies, Innovation, Decision Making, and Forecasting
  • Accounting, Management, and Business
  • Fintech, Digital Marketing, and E-commerce
  • Sharing Economy and Business Digitalization
  • Data Analytics and Blockchain for Business and Governance
  • Online Learning, Interdisciplinary Teaching, Internship, and "Freedom to Learn" Program
  • Entrepreneurship in Digital Era

Invited Speakers

Prof. Kris Singh

CEO at SRII & Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing

"Innovating Digital Economy for Emerging Economies"

Dr. Gidion P. Adirinekso

Krida Wacana Christian University

"The Triple Helix Model and Business Sustainability"


Arbaugh, J. B., Fornaciari, C. J., & Hwang, A. (2016). Identifying research topic development in business and management education research using Legitimation Code Theory. Journal of Management Education, 40(6), 654–691.

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