Behavioral Sciences and Language Studies

2021 International Multidisciplinary Conference on Productivity & Sustainability

This conference track raises the sub-theme of Trends and Approaches in Behavioral Sciences and Language Education and Studies (TABLES). The issues include the study of learning and teaching and other research and practices to understand human behavior, attitudes, beliefs, and interactions. It recognizes the importance of developing talents and skills for the advancement of health-related behavioral and social sciences. The sub-themes addressed include but are not limited to behavioral assessment and intervention perceived as vital to education and behavior analysis (Rispoli & Machalicek 2020). The scholarship and research on language education, multiliteracies, and technology-enhanced education are also conference interests. The conversation centers on the development of the use of digital tools, multi-mode texts, knowledge practices, and multiliteracies that have been used in HE (Yuen, 2015).

Who should participate?

This track welcomes presentations and attendance of researchers, scientists, scholars, educators, administrators, consultants, policymakers, and professionals in social, behavioral sciences, and language studies.

Topics of interest for submissions of abstracts* or full papers**

  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Measurement in Educational and Health Sciences
  • Spirituality, Religiosity, and Mental Health
  • Literature
    • literature and culture
    • literature and arts
    • literature and digital media
    • literature and children
    • literature and creative writing
    • literature and therapy
    • cyber literature
  • Linguistics
    • language in IR 4.0
    • language and power
    • language and minority
  • Applied Linguistics
    • sociolinguistics
    • intercultural communication
    • language practice and use on the online platform
    • language and identity construction on CMC
    • language education in IR 4.0
    • TELL
    • remote teaching and learning
    • online/remote learning best practices
    • creative and innovative practices
  • Multiliteracies
    • digital literacy
    • information literacy
    • media literacy
    • critical literacy
  • Translation
    • trends in translation/interpreting in IR 4.0

Invited Speakers

Dr. Willy A Renandya

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

"Addressing the Needs of 21st Century Learners of English"

Prof. Dr. Rob A.C. Ruiter

Maastricht University

"Health Behavior Change – Intervention Mapping Framework"

A Panel Discussion on Mental Health, Resilience, & Interventions in HE

Assoc. Prof. David Wicks, Ed.D.

Seattle Pacific University, U.S.A.

June Hyun, Ph.D.

Seattle Pacific University, U.S.A.

Dr. Astin Sokang

Krida Wacana Christian University, Indonesia


Yuen, A. H. K. (2015). The changing face of educational technology: New media, knowledge, practices, and multiliteracies. In W. W. K. Ma, A.H.K. Yuen, J. Park, W.W.F. Lau, and L. Deng (Eds.), New media, knowledge practices, and multiliteracies HKAECT 2014 International Conference (pp. 3–9). Springer.

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